The Finest Pizza in Town

Fresh Dough Everyday

Richard and Trevor get up every morning to make dough by hand from scratch. The dough is hand-toss. We make regular crusts, thin crusts, and gluten-free crusts.

Natural, Fresh Ingredients

If it doesn't come straight from the garden or farm, we don't want it! Piana makes its own blend of Piana cheese and Piana tomato sauce. Guaranteed pizza like you've never tasted.

Bombtastic Sides

Needs wings for the big game? We got you covered. Want pasta or calzones? We got that too. To honor our founders, every time the Mariners win, all customers get free garlic bread with their orders.

FREE DELIVERY (within 3 mile area, minimum $20 order required). Call 206-159-3791 to order.